Funeral Services in Worcestershire

At F. W. Spilsbury Ltd we are always available to offer advice and we understand that following the passing of a loved one is difficult. When it comes to funeral services we can help, you will need to think about the following:

  • Registering of death
  • Arranging the funeral

You will need to supply the funeral director with the following details of the deceased:

  • Full name
  • Full address
  • Date of birth
  • Details of where and when they passed away
  • A certificate for burial/cremation issued by the registrar (Green Form)
  • Confirmation of whether or not they had a pacemaker

You will also need to consider:

  • Your preferred date and time of service
  • Where you would like the service to be held
  • Who you would like to lead the service
  • Would a family member or friend like to say something in memory during the service
  • Your preferred music/hymns
  • Whether you would like to have general flowers or family flowers only
  • Would you like to have a collection for a particular charity, if so, which one?
  • Would you like an order of the service
  • Would you like an announcement in the newspaper
  • Would you like to arrange transportation to and from the funeral
  • Any special requirements

Are you choosing between a burial and a cremation?

  • A few things to consider about a cremation
  • It usually costs less than a burial
  • The funeral service can be held at the crematorium or somewhere else
  • There is usually a time limit for a crematorium service
  • You will need to decide where you would like the final resting place of the remains
  • You can keep the remains, scatter them or bury them
  • There is no limit to when, where or how the remains find their final resting place NB. We cannot, however, keep them forever.

A few things to consider about a burial:

  • Should you have a family grave or plot, we will arrange for it to be reopened
  • Available burial spaces can be very expensive and very difficult to find
  • You may want to think about reserving plots or one large plot for you and your family
  • Woodland burials are becoming ever more popular
  • Funeral services can be held in a local church or cemetery chapel
  • After the burial you will need to decide if you would like a memorial headstone
  • Should you wish to spend some time alone with your deceased loved one, we can arrange for this in our chapel of rest.

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